Juicy Radiance Wellness 4 week Course: join anytime

Hello there, ready for a resilience boost?
Do you love a holistic approach to wellness but are struggling to recover your energies, your clarity and life's flow?
Want to boost your mind and your mojo through diet and lifestyle but not sure where to start?
There is lots you can do to restore your sense of self.  Allow me to support you with this 4 week online process. Get a range of tasty simple recipes and ways to nourish yourself beyond food. 

Why join this course?

Many of us go out of balance as the seasons change (especially in Autumn) or after a virus, a stressful time, an injury or big life change. We can slide into a place of depletion and distraction that is hard to shift.  We often push ourselves to get better and strive to get our energy back without truly nourishing our whole selves and honouring our healing process.  We often miss the root cause and just treat symptoms, rather than following our body wisdom.

Juicy Radiance guides you to take care of your whole self to restore your energy levels, bring you back to your body and relieve dryness in your digestion, skin and joints.  The process emphasises lifestyle and dietary change, rather than information overland, to support you to create a juicier health trajectory.  You are free to choose your own pace as you have access to the content for 12 months.

What we do?

  • Revitalise with new eating, drinking and self-care habits to soothe your digestion, physiology and body
  • Small steps in a clear framework for you to experiment with what makes your thrive
  • Slow down and become skilled at resting and soothing your nervous system

What you get?

  • 4 short training videos

  • Weekly email

  • 4 topics, a new one unlocks each week

  • Extra resources such as recipes and practices

'Ojas' is an Ayurvedic term meaning lubrication, softness, immunity and resilience ie your healthy glow!   This course is a self-created Ojas boost, setting you up to continue feeling great.

Course Fee £49.
Add a coaching call with me for half price and we'll tailor the process to your priorities and I will help you see your blind spots!

Curious to know what's possible for you if you deepen your self-care? 
Sign up now and find out. 

How to know if you are depleted?

  • low libido/sensuality
  • weak digestion or low levels of hunger
  • getting illnesses
  • lacklustre/dry skin
  • low energy/ tiredness
  • feeling cold
  • food cravings
  • dry, stiff achey joints

Kerry x
Attune and Transform with Ayurveda.  

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