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Hello, I'm Kerry McKay. I support you to flourish, flow and transform through living with natural rhythms. Find balance through lifestyle change, diet, inner work and self-understanding.  Scroll down to find a course, resource or coaching package that calls to you or book a chat with me

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Available Courses

Rebirth - Spring Yoga Nidra Circle (live events)

Let's get together and cherish ourselves as the light returns to the year. Guided Yoga Nidra practice to rejuvenate and nourish your whole self as you invite your inner flame kindle. Four monthly relaxation meditation sessions. Live on Zoom or listen to the Recordings. First live event is 20th Feb 2024 but you can sign up anytime to get all the practices.  

Yoga Nidra Audio Download: In The Woods (free)

Join me in the moonlit woods! An audio to guide you in Yoga Nidra, the practice of conscious sleep. Deep relaxation to help you align with your roots so that you can receive the light of the moon and come home to your self. 

Juicy Radiance Wellness 4 week Course: join anytime

Ready to create a more radiant, resilient and calm you?!  Move from scattered and depleted to grounded and energised with some small but juicy changes to your daily habits and your diet. 4 week online self-study Ayurvedic wellness course.

Less Scattered: mini-resource for your mind (free)

Feeling scattered? This is usually a sign that your nervous system is triggered. Inside are some simple and quick guided practices for you to try and help gather your mind back in and return your body. 

Free Resources

Inside are handful of practices to nourish your wellbeing in a more holistic way. A tipsheet, a recipe, a tea, a meditation a movement practice. It's a taster of the the ways I guide people to take deep care of themselves.

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